Teenagers problems

Every teenager has his or her own problems. One of them is to sleep late at night, the second is smoking, the third is that they want to have high marks and so on. The biggest problem is the bad mark. Teachers act very unfairly. The pupils who don’t do all the homework get high marks, but the pupils who do all of them get bad marks. It happens to every student and I want to ask all the teachers to mark fairly.

My best friend

I’ve 2 best friends in school Mane and Qristine, but I’ll tell about Mane, becouse I know her very well.

My best friend in school is Mane Torunyan. She’s 13. Her birthday in 27th April. She’s a very good girl and friend. She can make me happy when I upset. We can do lot of crazy things when we’re alone. We can look and understand each other. I know her 10 year and I am hapy that I’ve got such of crazy friend. 

About me

Hello! My name is Ann. I bourn and live in Erevan. I am 13. I study in "Mkhitar Sebastatsi "educational complex. My family isn’t large.  My father’s name is Tigran. He is an engineer. My mother’s name is Nona. She is a psychologist. My brother’s name is Armen. He is a pupil. He’s 7. He study in “Nikol Axbalyan” seqondary school. He is study in 2b class and I in 9-1.I love my school very much. I  study in high school. I am going to English and Russian additional lessons. My hobby is carrying out different chemical experiments. I want become a pharmacist. I think it’s a good profession and I must learn Chemistry, Biology and English very well. 

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